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PFS Foot Type Sealer failure causes and remedy

Causes and remedy
Sealing is not ideal
heat sealing line is not strong, the heating time should be extended, if the seal appears melt wear
Phenomenon, it should shorten the heating time, or for failing to wear a compression caused by melting.
Sealing appear shrunken "
一、 caused by high temperature, should be to ensure sealing fastness premise, shorten the heating time;
二、Caused by insufficient cooling time should be extended cooling time.
After a period of use
Because when you start using the machine at room temperature, the initial work will absorb part of the heating heat
Amount, the machine has a certain temperature is normal at this time as long as the balance of the heating time can be shortened slightly.
Power LED is not lit,
Electric wire without heating
Check that the power switch is turned on; fuse is intact.
Power indicator light, heat indicator does not light, electric wire without heating
Depress the foot pedal, the trip switch is working, adjust the method described in 4.3
Boot normally hot electric wire
First off immediately, check the limit switch, if damaged, adjustment method described in 4.3
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