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QD-460 automatic continuous air cushion packaging machine standard fault causes and remedy

Cause Analysis
Air leak
Temperature is too low,
raised sealing temperature
(Each plastic film at different temperatures)
Whether the top to the heating block silicone
Check whether the heating block slider stuck
Whether heating heating block
Check heating element (temperature controller, solid state relays, heating pipes)
Sealing wrinkling
Zigzag incision film
Blade passivation, resistance, replace the blade
With the outer surface of the melting temperature of the film
junk film removed or replaced with a high
High temperature with a deviation
High temperature zone too loose
Adjusting the rear seat springs
Front and rear wheels are not parallel to
adjust front seat bottom screws (see 5.1)
Front and rear slide down from the high temperature zone (2-3 times)
high-temperature zone is damaged, replace with a new high-temperature
Excessive resistance membrane drum sets
Debug or overhaul film roll
Continuous process of film rupture inflatable
Gas nozzle surface is not smooth
Replacing the smooth appearance of the gas nozzle
Film inflatable mouth with gas nozzle is not in a straight line
to adjust the position limit set
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