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ZE series folding machine malfunction causes and remedy

Common Faults, causes and remedy
When feeding, intermittent or irregular feed
1, cardboard paper so narrow block
2, the gap is too narrow thickness adjustment
1, adjust the paper guides to the paper stop gap between
2, turn the hand wheel to adjust the worm to increase the gap
Paper is wrinkled
1, the gap is too narrow thickness adjustment
2, the speed is too high
3, angled into the paper
1,turning the speed control knob to increase the entire gap
2, lower speed
3, the correction block paper guides
Drawn together into two or more
Adjust the gap is too large thickness
Turn handwheel worm adjustment reduced the gap
Note: Once a good tune off-hours, would not have to change the speed of the machine, because it would change the length. If you want the machine is running increase or decrease the speed, first check whether the paper can be folded out the correct folding, if necessary, re-adjust the positioning.
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