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CL-250 + Rotary Ribbon printer malfunction causes and remedy

Cause and Remedy
Temperature is too low

After power is turned on it takes about 15 minutes warm-up time. Such as temperature is reached in the boot print
Such emergencies, the temperature control knob can be first placed in high temperature, for 15 minutes and then transferred back to the normal position.
Graphite brush and slip ring is bad, clean the slip ring surface with sandpaper.
Print insufficient pressure
The silicone rubber rollers closer to the print head to increase the printing pressure. Note that the pressure is not too large, otherwise it will cause clutch slippage caused by damage to the machine.
Ribbon running catching phenomenon, print ghosting or unclear
Adjusting unwinding institutions unwinding tension adjusting nut, relax friction belts, reducing unwinding resistance.
Print illegible clarity

Clean with a soft wire brush literally, before each use should be cleaned with acetone tablets of the word.
If tablets of the word is worn to replace new tablets of the word.
Ribbons not apply to the kind of packing material, replace the appropriate ink ribbon
Silicone rubber rollers wear
The silicone rubber wheel to the left or to the right over to the right (better) position
Adjusted still unclear prints
Ribbons not apply to the kind of packaging materials. If the packaging material has been replaced with a different material
Need to replace the appropriate ribbon.
Ribbon feed arrhythmia, and discontinuous
Unwinding institutions, regulating unwinding tension nut is too loose, should be properly tighten.
Ribbon improper installation, reinstall and tighten the clamping nut.
Stepping organ failure. All parts should be checked, if worn, replace it.
Printhead even fight, do not fight intermittent printing or leakage, two packs to play a
Proximity switches and cam position, distance is not a good tune
Coder using for years, proximity switches, PC board damage.
Blown fuse
Heating pipe leakage. Remove the heater check the insulation.
Thermostat other moving parts in contact with the rear.
Connect the wires off the slip ring and in contact with other parts.
Ribbon wrapped around the slip ring.
Breakdown or ribbon cutting
Missing word particle surface, remove the word tablets, tablets of the word re-tighten the fastening screws tightened, the tablets of the word in the same plane alignment.
Print too much pressure, adjust the roller shaft at both ends of the rack screws, silicone rubber rollers move
Ribbon brake too tight, the unwinding mechanism, relax unwinding tension adjusting nut to reduce belt friction.
Heater temperature is too high, the temperature control knob in lower position suitable temperature
Do not feed the ribbon
Printing pressure is too small, the pressure increases print
Silicone rubber wheel does not rotate, loosen retaining ring at both ends to make silicone rubber rollers can freely rotate.
Stepping wheel does not rotate, check the adapter screw stepping round
Stepping wheel reversed, check the stepping-wheel-way clutch wear should be replaced.
Stepping roller does not rotate, pinch roller mechanism if the pressure roller pressure is too small, then re-tighten the screws arm. If the spring is broken, it should be replaced.
Temperature control

Check the wiring of heating pipes, heating pipes should be replaced if damaged.
Check the thermostat, if does not function properly, replace the thermostat.
Note: special structure
The machine is equipped with a special spring coupling is used to adjust the print head speed, and packaging machines for film movement speed synchronization, to obtain a satisfactory printing results. This coupling work under the following conditions:
Printhead line speed film velocity (ie packaging velocity);
When the spacing is greater than 264mm when printing (ie print head circumference of rotation), print ineffective.

Daily care and maintenance
Check the contents of the
Daily inspection
Weekly inspection
Monthly inspection
ribbon going and install correctness
ribbon feed properly
prints are clear, clean
tension belt unwinding mechanism is properly adjusted
of the guide bar is clean (cleaned with alcohol)
All springs are normal
without missing or damaged parts
Check the heater
Check the active and standby tablets of the word quantity
tablets of the word check the extent of damage
replacement silicone rubber rollers
Inspect all parts for wear
Replace synchronous switch
Check all bolts and nuts tightened degree
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